About Me


Author of book, videos and website pertaining to the cause anxiety and other emotional concerns and the relief of stress.

Frank Hannah

Since I’m bold enough to suggest some fundamental ideas to help you understand who you are and why you behave as you do (and point the way to improving your understanding of both), you deserve to know why I believe that I’m qualified to do so.

Here’s why:
I have the requisite education with a bachelors degree (BA) from Milligan College (Johnson City, TN)  and an masters degree (MA) in Counseling Psychology from Nova University (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) .

My most significant qualifications are the experience and knowledge acquired over two decades in private clinical practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida.

After retiring from private practice and based on my education and experience…

    • I founded Initiative for Mental Health Awareness, Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting healthy mental health worldwide (contributions are US tax deductible),
    • authored a self-help book “Pathways to Mental Health and Anxiety Management” available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle versions,
    • produced a series of 10 free videos on “How to Improve Your Mental Health” available on YouTube and as a free course on the Teachable platform,
    • constructed  the website www.mentalhealthstrength.com  where I can place what I have to suggest before the public and
    • established a social media presence on Facebook and Linkedin.
    • Finally, please note that the website hosts a blog that is the occasional recipient of certain observations that I deem worthy of consideration (click the Blog tab and select a topic, or just scroll the drop-down menu).


    • I’m producing a series on the website to explain how to achieve healthy mental health, illustrated with a beautiful Venn diagram (read the first post and follow the links) and
    • I’m completing a new course (fee-based…all this stuff costs money) entitled Thrive By Managing Anxiety Effectively (a portion is available now at a pre-publication discount).

After all this, you might have an additional question: “Why is he doing all this when he could just relax and enjoy his retirement?”

The answer is simple.

Beliefs determine behavior.

My belief is that every sentient person  needs to know a practical definition of what mental health is and a way of learning how to make it as healthy as possible. Moreover, the definition and improvement process must be based on  physiology rather than psychology, philosophy or religion.

So you see where this belief  has led me! Now, let me guide you along the journey to improving your mental health.