The series of pages under this tab will help you understand what mental health is and how to improve it. It will also make you aware of some obstacles that are bound to work against improvement.

To benefit, read each page carefully, make sure you understand its content and answer the question at the end. When you have gone through the entire series, you will have an excellent method for improving your mental health… and the quality of your life.

This is not an easy, bumper sticker approach. It will require considerable thought, open-mindedness and persistence in making changes. But your efforts will result in improved mental health.

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Mental health is a beautiful thing

Those with healthy mental health have a positive self-concept, they make adaptive choices, achieve a high percentage of their objectives, their relationships are meaningful and the anxiety they experience is manageable. In short, they are generally happier than those with poor mental health.

Those with poor mental health have a negative view of themselves, they are limited in their choices, accomplish below their potential, their relationships are problematic and their life seems to be mainly an exercise in managing anxiety.  These folks live in emotional misery.

What this site offers

What you can expect to find here:

  • A definition of mental health. Mental health is far more than simply the absence of mental illness and it involves every aspect of your relationship with yourself, other people and the environment. The definition of mental health found here includes the concept of inbornintentions, which are our intrinsic behavioral goals. Understanding inbornintentions will require some thinking on your part, but once you are familiar with the concept, they provide a foundation for improving mental health.
  • An understanding of  basic beliefs. Understanding what basic beliefs are and how they relate to inbornintentions is the core of mental health.
  • How some obsticals inhibit progress towards optimum mental health.  Consider obsticals as a series of potholes that need to be avoided on the pathways to mental health. Once understood, they are manageable.


This is an educational, self-help concept on understanding and improving mental health. It is not therapy for diagnosable mental disorders. For readers who need help with mental illness, please see a licensed mental health professional.

About your questions and concerns

As you progress through these pages, you may encounter points about which you have a question or with which you disagree. At the end of each page you will have an opportunity to submit a question or offer a different point of view, and these will be welcome as they will help explain the concept better or to see it more clearly myself. Your comments and questions will be useful every time the material is revised.

The next step

“The next step” section will guide you through the 14 basic pages that explain this concept. Follow these in order  to insure that you are familiar with the each part.Skipping ahead is not recommended.

A question for you to consider

What thoughts, feelings, attitudes or behaviors would need to change to make your life easier, more enjoyable ?

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