Sense of Accomplishment

The third inbornintention is Sense of Accomplishment.

Accomplish or perish

Since we must have food, clothing and shelter in order to live, it is reasonable that we have an inborn intent to obtain them, and today the opportunities for doing so go far beyond the basics.

Accomplishments enrich our lives

Achievement in many areas of human endeavor adds richness and quality to our lives. Painting, composing, writing, teaching and performing all manner of jobs successfully are great sources for satisfying our intent to be successful and gain a sense of accomplishment.

Sense of Accomplishment need not depend on others

The degree to which we are satisfied with our accomplishments is a matter of self-evaluation: approval by others is not required in order to establish a positive relationship with this inbornintention. Although nice to have, neither material reward nor public recognition is necessary when we feel within ourselves that we have done a good job.

Success and a sense of accomplishment can be frustrated by factors beyond our control. Limitation of resources, inadequate support or cooperation from others or faulty planning may prevent success. Without successfully completing a task, we will not experience the sense of accomplishment.

The intent to accomplish lasts but the feeling doesn’t

The inborn intent to gain a sense of accomplishment is immutable. This means that failures cannot diminish the inbornintent to achieve. However, the positive feelings we gain from accomplishing do not last. As a result, we will often seek a new project as soon as one is completed.

A question for your consideration and comment

In what areas of your life have you been most successful in accomplishing something meaningful to you; in what areas have you been least successful?

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