Mental Health Awareness at a Glance


The relationship between two factors in the brain determine an individual’s mental health: basic beliefs and inbornintentions.

Basic beliefs are truths acquired through experience and stored in the subconscious. They are learned, true for the individual, and retained throughout life unless replaced. Basic beliefs are important because they determine one’s thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors.

Inbornintentions are four intrinsic behavioral goals toward which humans naturally strive. They are 1) human dignity, 2) freedom of choice, 3) sense of accomplishment and 4) love. They are immutable and common to every human. Individuals relate positively or negatively to them according to their basic beliefs. The higher the positive correlation, the healthier one’s mental health, and vice versa.

Mental health awareness is the process of evaluating the quality of one’s own mental health and taking steps to improve. One pathway to improvement is by replacing a basic belief that is causing problematic thoughts, feelings, attitudes or behaviors with one that is consistent with an inbornintention. No one has perfect mental health and improvement is always possible.