An Introduction to This Blog

Mental health awareness! A concept whose time has come.

The Foundations of Mental Health will guide you through a workable concept of what mental health is, how to improve it and how to manage the anxiety that is bound to temporally compromise it sooner or later. Mostly sooner. It also explains how mental health is far more than simply the absence of mental illness.

The blog you are reading now is your place to comment on your experience with the ideas in “Pathways.” It is also the place for questions or concerns about any aspect of using intrinsic behavioral goals (inbornintentions), basic beliefs or anxiety management to optimize your own mental health. Your experience will be helpful in aiding others to understand mental health. Bear in mind that both sites are educational and informative, not therapeutic.

As time permits, I will post an illustration of how optimum mental health…or the lack thereof…plays out in everyday life. There will be no shortage of examples since mental health is involved in every aspect of every individual’s daily life.


Book: Pathways to Mental Health and Anxiety Management, by Frank Hannah.
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YouTube channel: Choose Mental Health

Facebook: Choose Mental Health

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