Awareness of Mental Health Examined

Let’s get busy by considering what it takes to be “aware” of mental health.

Awareness means to understand that:
• your mental health lies on a continuum somewhere between excellent and poor: no one has perfect mental health;
• freedom from mental illness does not mean that you are mentally healthy;
• you have unconscious, intrinsic and immutable behavioral goals shared with all humans;
• you have many subconscious basic beliefs learned from experience;
• your mental health is determined by the level of consistency between acquired basic beliefs and the intrinsic behavioral goals;
• as in everyone else, basic beliefs determine thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Therefore the behavioral expression of mental health depends on what one believes;
• basic beliefs are the pathways to mental health;
• acute anxiety hijacks rational thinking and prolonged anxiety compromises physical health;
• freedom from anxiety does not mean that you are mentally healthy.

All this is examined at length in the web site and in the book “Pathways to Mental Health and Anxiety Management.” Familiarity with the concepts found there will be helpful if you choose to participate in this “Awareness” blog.

Here, we will consider some of the issues that could be encountered in daily life and how they might be  handled more effectively by adjusting basic beliefs to be consistent with the inbornintentions or by more effective ways of managing anxiety.


Book: Pathways to Mental Health and Anxiety Management, by Frank Hannah.
Kindle eBook

YouTube channel: Choose Mental Health

Facebook: Choose Mental Health

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