Do you need to improve your mental health even though you are NOT mentally ill?

A common misunderstanding is that anyone not mentally ill is, by definition, mentally healthy. Bad mistake!

Here are a few indications that your mental health could stand improving:
1) Do you suffer from stress/anxiety more than seems reasonable?
2) Do you have a low self-image?
3) Do you have a world-view that is considerably more negative than positive?
4) Are you frustrated/disappointed with your accomplishments to date?
5) Do you rarely look/act/think “outside the box?”

There is a strong likelihood that answering honestly would require a “yes” on more than one of the above questions, but even answering all five with a strong and emphatic “yes” would not make you mentally ill. It would only show that your mental health is less than it could be.

To strengthen your mental health and improve in each of the areas that are weaker than you would like, you need to understand what mental health is, how to improve it and how to avoid the anxiety that may temporarily compromise it. How to do this is spelled out in the Foundations of Mental Health and in the text of Pathways to Mental Health and Anxiety Management. In addition, I’ll continue to use this blog for suggestions to help you move along the pathways to improved mental health.

But what if you have been diagnosed with a mental illness? It is entirely possible to have good mental health even though you suffer from a mental illness. Please talk to your mental health professional about how to improve your mental health in addition to his/her therapeutic program for you.


Book: Pathways to Mental Health and Anxiety Management, by Frank Hannah.
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